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Why Choose JR's Landscaping

Best in the industry

Our contractors are some of the best in the industry, so you would be hard-pressed to find a better service elsewhere. No matter what kind of service you need from us, it will be carried out to a very high standard, from the best of the best.

Communication is key

With our years of experience, we’ve worked with countless clients of all kinds and needs. During this time, our communication has improved and improved, making it much easier for us to provide you with the exact service that you requested. You don’t have to worry that your ideas aren’t going to become the reality that you’ve envisioned.

Personalized quotes

As our services are so extensive, there’s no one-size fits all on our quotes. That means that every project we take on will require a personalized, detailed quote just for you. Of course, once you receive your quote, you’re not required to follow up on the quote – but this provides a lot more flexibility and transparency for the customer before the job is started.

We do it all

We aim to provide a one-stop-shop experience to all of our clients, and by that, we mean that we aim to provide you with all of the landscaping and home renovation services you could need. No more having to go from business to business and communicating your wants and needs. Simply get in touch with us, and we’ll handle the rest from there, all around your property.

All kinds of clients

After years in the industry, we’ve had the chance to work with all kinds of clients, whether it’s residential or commercial. No matter the job you want done, we can provide our services to all. 

Hear from our customers

You don’t just have to take our word for it, there are many testimonials on our page from our very satisfied customers. You could be among these customers in no time, once you’ve received our quality services for your home or business.

Always available

It can be difficult finding the right services at certain times of the year – right when you need them. You don’t need to worry about that with us, as we’re ready to pick up the phone and help out all year round. No more waiting on busy or closed services, we’re happy to help whether it’s hot, cold, windy, or rainy! Simply pick up the phone and get in touch with us.

Decades in the industry

When you’re landscaping your property, you want it done right – which is why it’s so important to put your trust in a quality and experienced landscaper. JR’s Landscaping has been in the industry for more than 25 years, and in that time we have provided our clients with every service you can imagine. No matter what you need done to your home and garden, we can provide it to a high quality, and in a timely fashion

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